Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Interconnectedness, and stuff like that

It's both amusing and saddening to think that I'm standing here in my current condition. It's as if I realized the reality of the so-called Butterfly Effect.

Think about it: if I were born handsome, for example, it's possible I had chosen a different path in life, and my current career had been different. If my parents separated back when I was young, I could have become a different person. If I didn't have myopia as a kid, I could have developed into a whole new being compared to what I am now -- a rotting nerd watching the History Channel and Cartoon Network in one hour intervals.

Let's minimize the details. Have you ever thought, for example, you were walking down the road... While walking, you saw a brown dog, which reminded you of the dog you saw on TV whose name is the same as that of a popular TV host back in 1995? And because of that fraction of a memory, you've been inspired to become a TV host too. That is why you dedicated a huge percent of your life just to reach that goal?

Well let's say you indeed reached your goal. It's overwhelming to think that, what if back when you were walking down the road, you didn't see the brown dog? Instead, your head was turned on a few degrees to the left, and your eyes became focused with a trash can. and you thought nothing. Wala lang. When you got home, life was still as it was. You still do what your parents tell you, that you should be financial stable in five years' time.

Aren't you amused with these minute events that can branch out to so many huge possibilities in the future? I'm amazed. My brain salivates and I smile alone upon thinking of the beauty of life.

I keep on thinking: what if I was put in a different section back in sixth grade? I would have had different classmates, relationships could have had been different, along with the influences that had surrounded me. Could my life now had been different if I was in Section Discipline, not Section Responsibility?

Whenever I encounter people, I often think in advance—what role will you play in my life? And what role will I play in yours?

Sometimes, you don't even know these people. You just see them on the street. He's so gorgeous. He's got a nice body. You get insecure. So when you get home, you told yourself, you want to hit the gym and start being vain. And from then on, your life was never the same again. And now, look at you—a fashion model! Or a sought after prostitute perhaps.

And when you became a model, you viewed a three-minute indie film uploaded by a person you didn't know in YouTube. You saw the film because it was in the Related Videos section of the porn site preview video you clicked the link of. Ever since you saw the three-minute film, you had interest in filmmaking. You searched more indie films on the net. Ever since then, your life ran a different path.

Do you believe in fate? That people you encounter are meant to be encountered? It's nice to think the answer is yes, but what if there's no such thing?

So to all of you reading this, think about it: would your life be any different in the future if you didn't read this? (Insert "X-Files" theme song)


  1. santing na naman nine.. karakal realizations a meg pop keng utak ko... galing jason!

  2. very profound. OMG jason i fell in love with your blog! thanks for sharing :)

  3. chos. my typing here is a result of the galaxies conspiring to change my fate. ano daw? chos.